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Foundation/Garage/Porch Specs


  • Includes:
    • Excavation
    • 20"x8" Poured Concrete Footer (#3500 Concrete Mix)
    • 4" Concrete Floor (#4000 concrete mix)
    • 8" Poured Concrete Walls with 4 Rows Rebar
    • Exterior Walls Will be Sprayed with Asphalt to Ground Level
    • 4" Perimeter Drain and Gravel Around Walls
    • 6" to 8" Stone Under Basement Floor
    • Poly Vapor Barrier Under Floor
    • Floor Drain (If it Naturally Drains in 100 Ft.)
    • 4 Basement Windows (Vinyl Thermo Pane Slider)
    • 3" Basement Posts as Needed
    • Interior Basement Stair Steps (Double 2x10 Side Stringers with 2x10 Treads and Handrails)
    • Anchor Straps or Bolts
    • 2"x6" Wood Perimeter Sill Plates with Sill Sealer
  • Optional:
    • 6' Double Utility Door
    • Exterior 3' Door
    • Exterior Poured Wall Stairwell with 3' Door
    • Andersen Windows
    • Patio Door
    • Frost Footer
    • Wing Walls
    • One or Two Sump Pumps
  • basement

Crawl Space

  • Includes:
    • 8"x18" Poured Concrete Footer(#3500 Concrete Mix)
    • 4 Courses of 8" Hollow Core Block Plus Top Course of Solid 4" Cap Block
    • Foundation Vents as Needed
    • 1 Access Door
    • Removal of All Vegetation
    • Poly Vapor Barrier Inside Crawl Space
    • 2" of Gravel Fill Inside Crawl Space
    • 24" Minimum Interior Clearance
    • Anchor Straps or Bolts
    • 2"x6" Wood Perimeter Sill Plates
    • 30"x30"x8" Center Support Pads with 16"x16" Block Piers as Needed
    • Back Fill of Excavated Dirt
  • Please Note:
    • *The Cost of a crawl space foundation is based on a level lot.
      Depending on the size of your home, the cost may vary slightly if the lot is not level.
  • crawl space


  • Includes:
    • Foundation, Fill and 4" Concrete (#4000 concrete mix)
    • 2"x4" Studs, 16" On Center with 7/16" OSB Sheathing
    • Double 2"x4" Top Plates
    • 6/12 Roof Pitch with 2"x4" Trusses 24" On Center
    • 7/16" OSB Roof Sheathing With 15# Felt
    • 235# Seal Down Roof Shingles
    • 7'x 16'x2" Steel Insulated Garage Door
    • 1 Steel Insulated Service Door with Glass
    • Vinyl Soffitt and Aluminum Fascia
    • Exterior Siding to Match House
    • Fire Code Drywall (Unfinished) on Ceiling and Marriage Wall to House
    • One Interior Overhead Light in Garage
    • One Electric Outlet on Interior of Garage
    • Exterior Light to Match House on Each Side of overhead Garage Door and Walk-Out Service Door
  • Options:
    • Additional Andersen Window
    • Cost for Different Size Garage Door
    • Garage Door Opener (1 or 2 remotes)
    • Attic Truss (Available on Cape Cod Homes)
  • Please Note:
    • *Garage prices are based on a reasonably level lot. The cost may vary depending on additional stone fill and foundation if lot is not level.
    • *Cost Quotation for Different Size Garages are Available Upon Request.

Covered Porch

  • Includes:
    • Concrete Footer
    • Block Foundation or Poured Walls
    • Stone Fill
    • 4" Concrete Top (#4000 Concrete Mix)
    • A-Truss Roof, Shed Type and Raised Roof Available
    • Control Joints are Placed as Needed
  • Please Note:
    • *Cost Quotations For Different Size Porches Are Available Upon Request.